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Flowers in Miami, FL

Flowers in Miami, FL
Best for – Any Occasion
Selection Size – Medium
Price Range – Starts at $ 65
Delivery Fee – Free
Website – https://loveliestgiftdesigns.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/loveliestgiftdesigns/
Contact – 786 365 5651
Payment – Credit Card and Paypal
A wide selection of flowers, vases, designs, and arrangements – Loveliest Flowers & Gifts will be the best choice. From vases to box and hats, you’ll surely have a hard time deciding what flower, color, and container. Good thing, they have expert florist to guide you in your selection.


Boss Gifts
Gift Baskets
This is another great area to look in. It’s the perfect solution and its several gifts in one. If they don’t like something in the basket, they can pass it on to someone else.
Get them personalized, for that extra touch. These can be made for special occasions, designed around a birthday or even a spa day. Gifts from a loved one who sends items you love will make everyone feel better. For more information, check it out here.

Voyage MIA Magazine Interview 

Laura, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I’ve always been a firm believer that gifts should be made with love and truly come from the heart. They are expressions of our innermost feelings conveyed through beautiful pieces that tell a story. The entire gift-giving experience should entail stunning design all brought together by creative elements to highlight a special moment in one’s life.

I was born in Medellin, Colombia and raised in the beautiful city of Miami, FL. Growing up, I was completely absorbed by its artistic atmosphere. Miami is home to some of the most impressive architectural designs, renowned art galleries, trendy fashion gurus, and picturesque wall murals. I grew up with a profound appreciation for artistic design, always drawn to its beauty in all aspects.

During my years of education, I received a well-rounded understanding of fundamental elements of creative design. My career took off in Miami’s hospitality industry, which allowed my years of experience to advance my customer service and business skills. I worked for an array of different companies from small boutique hotels, family owned and operated to major hotel chains like Marriott International. During my time in Marriott, I met my husband, now business partner, Marlon Williams-Booth. We fell in love and brought a beautiful baby boy to this world, named Jace Phillip Williams-Booth. Being at home with my son truly inspired me to want to do something that not only allowed me to spend more time with him but also made me realize I wanted to build something that would make him proud of me. After a long, careful look at myself, my husband and I decided that a gift company would be the way to go, considering my artistic abilities, creative skills, paired with my husband’s strong business background. We would take advantage of our backgrounds to create a company in Miami that would stand out from the rest in the level of service and quality it provides to customers in the gift and floral industry. So, we became business partners and started our journey to make this dream of mine a reality. We carefully analyzed our market, studied our competition, I even interned at a local flower shop as the General Manager, this allowed us to take an inside look at the industry. We quickly found that although the industry may be saturated in both floral and gift shops in Miami, we were entering a different niche altogether: Custom Gift Designs. We found a great need in Miami for a new, fresh, technologically savvy Miami gift design company that focuses on providing outstanding service to every customer, creating custom gift designs for every occasion, with a loving touch. We feature handmade gift arrangements, with a handmade unique bow. We provide a personalized experience to our customers, which gives the recipient a sense that it’s not just another generic store-bought gift but a lovely demonstration of kindness, At Loveliest Gift Designs, our Philosophy is to create a gift that is not just a gift, but a masterpiece. Presentation is one of the most important aspects of the process. This is why we take the time to focus on minute details that bring our creations to life. We aim to invigorate the senses while following basic elements of design. Visually and aesthetically awe inspiring, stimulating textures, fragrant smells, and delectable flavors for exquisite tongues, make our designs distinct. Staying current with changing trends, allows us to always incorporate innovative elements in our designs. We offer keepsake containers that are durable therefore, can be reused and repurposed as home décor or storage units. The contents of our designs are always chosen in synchrony with the occasion and the recipients preferences to embody the emotion that needs to be conveyed, while telling a story. The items are gracefully arranged in a charming manner and enhanced with dainty hand-crafted decoration to make the items POP. The final product, is then expertly wrapped with delicacy to exude charm with a handmade bow. The bow is so often disregarded but the bow is probably the most important aspect of the arrangement. It is the face of your gift, the lovely face that smiles and says “Open Me, I’ve Got Goodies Inside.” Careful consideration is taken into account when selecting a bow to perfectly captivate the essence of the gift in order to effortlessly present the loveliest gift you’ve ever seen. Determination, Consistency and Perseverance are the keys that have brought us here, we will continue our branding efforts through social media channels to increase brand awareness as well as grow our business to allow for its fullest potential.


For the full interview follow this link:http://voyagemia.com/interview/meet-laura-pena-loveliest-gift-designs-downtown-miami/