Get Your Mom Flowers for Mother’s Day! The 9 Best Flowers for Mom

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9 Best Flowers for Mom

From roses to tulips, there are many types of flowers to get mom for Mother’s Day and they all have different meanings. Here are the 9 best flowers for mom.

Did you know that during the Victorian era, flowers were like Facebook?

Well, to be precise, they were more like texts or instant messages: a way for friends and courting couples to communicate. 

To give someone a single bloom or a bouquet was to express a certain sentiment. While a single rose said “I love you,” a Victorian suitor could send the same message with a red tulip or a red chrysanthemum. Ferns and gardenias went one step further and signified secret love.

The object of his affection might send ambrosia to indicate that the passion was reciprocal, forsythia to express anticipation of their union, or a primrose, meaning “I can’t live without you.”

She could catapult him into the friend zone with a striped carnation or say goodbye with cyclamen.

Nowadays, we don’t have to rely on the symbolism of flowers to get our point across. But sending flowers still sends a message of love and thoughtfulness. If you’re considering a Mother’s Day gift of flowers for Mom, read on to learn which ones to send!

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Classic

While red roses still carry the connotation of romantic love, you can’t go wrong sending your mother any of the other beautiful shades of roses. White, pink, peach or lavender roses are all wonderful choices. 

Even better? A mixed bouquet that incorporates the many different shades of roses! Your mother will be thrilled to receive these flowers and will display them proudly for all to enjoy.

Lilies are another classic — and classy — choice. If your mother’s feathers never seem to ruffle, if she is always polished and put together, then lilies will likely suit her elegant style. 

Our last suggestion for a classic flower to bestow on Mother’s Day are tulips. These brightly colored blooms radiate simplicity and joy. Their appearance each spring makes them a timely way to celebrate this holiday, as well. 

In addition to pink and yellow, tulips come in stunning shades of cream, dark purple, and even green! That means the possibilities for putting together a gorgeous bouquet are nearly endless.

Slightly Offbeat Blooms

Is your mother a fashionista? Do people routinely mistake you for sisters? Does she turn heads when she walks down the street? A stylish, sophisticated mother deserves a stylish, sophisticated flower. One clear choice in this instance is the orchid.

Orchids are delicate, persnickety, a bit fickle. They can be difficult to grow, but their beauty is well worth the effort they require. (And after all, you don’t need to raise them, just send them — so why not?) If your mother would be flattered by the comparison to a high-maintenance but high-reward flower, orchids are the way to go.

Peonies are big, bright, bold blooms that make an enormous impact. Yet they aren’t fussy or pretentious. Peonies are perfect for a mother whose laughter fills the room, who showers her family and friends with unabashed affection, for whom life is a beautiful if messy, adventure.

An artistic, free-spirited mother might appreciate the striking statement made by birds of paradise flowers.

Named for their resemblance to the tropical bird, these tropical flowers are not your average daisy. Instead, they are guaranteed to command attention. So if your mother causes all conversation to stop when she enters a room, birds of paradise are a wonderful way to acknowledge her dramatic beauty.

Flowers for Moms Who Are Friends

Every mom dreams that her child will grow up to be a close friend. If the two of you are inseparable and genuinely enjoy each other’s company, then one of the following flowers might be a good idea.

Alstroemeria is a South American flower. They’re also called Peruvian lilies, lilies of the Incas, or parrot lilies, and while you might not be familiar with them by name, chances are you’ll recognize their unique appearance. 

One quality that makes the alstroemeria a great flower to send your mother for Mother’s Day is the fact that they are extremely long lasting. Remind Mom of your affection for weeks to come with these brilliantly striped blooms.

Another easy-to-love flower is the carnation. Available in a wide range of colors, carnations are one of the most classic ways to say “I love you” with flowers. Choose an all-carnation bouquet, or use them as a foil for more exotic choices.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with mums for your mum! We tend to think of chrysanthemums as a fall flower, but they are available all year round. With colors representing nearly every shade of the rainbow, and in sizes ranging from small button mums to lavish spider mums, there’s a variety to suit every taste.

Mums can be given as part of a Mother’s Day bouquet, but if your mum has a green thumb, why not give her a chrysanthemum plant as a continual reminder of how much she means to you? Mums enjoy full sun and moderately moist soil, and the plant can withstand fairly harsh winter conditions with adequate mulching.

Too Hard to Decide?

Naturally, there’s no reason you need to limit your flowers for mom to just one variety!

Craft the perfect message of love and appreciation with a selection of flowers. There are a few ways to go about choosing flowers for an arrangement.

Using color as your guiding principle is an easy and eye-catching way to arrange blossoms. It’s especially effective if typical flower shades are among your mother’s favorite colors. Think light or dark pink (or a mixture), red, orange and peach, purple, or even a variety of off-white and white flowers.

Greenery is nice for contrast, but not always necessary.

You can also create a bouquet that blends differently shaped flowers, using one as a backdrop and other as contrast. Or use several colors and types of blooms for a bouquet that is many-splendored and alive with aesthetic appeal!

Custom Floral Bouquets

If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities, or simply want to streamline the process of choosing flowers for mom, why not leave the arranging to us? We specialize in creating custom bouquets with the prettiest flowers that Mother Nature has to offer. 

Simply give us a call or fill out our convenient web form to get started!

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