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History of Valentine’s Day + Gift Guide

Want to make your Valentine happy next Valentine’s Day? Here is a brief history of the holiday, along with a handy gift guide to help you show your special someone just how much you care.

Valentine’s Day has long been a celebration of LOVE. There is much significance in this centuries-old tradition and the way it is celebrated. The history of Valentine’s Day dates back to Roman times, named after Saint Valentine who married young couples against emperor Claudius II’s ban to keep young soldiers single. Pope Gelasius named February 14th Valentine’s Day, to celebrate the soft-hearted Saint Valentine. The holiday became associated with love and romance in the 1300s and the first Valentine’s Day cards were sent out in the 16th century. By the 17th century, it became customary to exchange them. Slowly but surely, modernizing the holiday to become the love fest we know and love today.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives, that we forget to demonstrate how much we truly love each other. Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that reminds us to be extra romantic and appreciative with our loved ones. It is also the perfect opportunity for new lovers to profess their newfound love and admiration. The whole purpose of this holiday is to express love with gifts that convey the message of love we want to portray. After all, gifts are much more thoughtful, when they are meaningful. Here is a quick Valentine’s Day gift guide to help you pick an ideal gift, that will truly express your passionate love:

1. Chocolate

Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated mid-February because of its ancient pre-Roman rooting celebration of fertility- Lupercalia. Chocolate is well-known for its aphrodisiac properties, making it an ideal gift to celebrate fertility. It’s no secret that chocolate is absolutely delicious, the perfect treat for a romantic night. No better way to celebrate love than with premium decadent chocolate, making it one of the most classic Valentine’s Day gifts for both him and her. Let’s face it, chocolate is a sweet treat you just can’t resist. If your sweetie is fond of a specific type of chocolate, make sure to get them a generous amount of it. Otherwise, getting an assortment of milk, dark, or white chocolate, should also be an exquisite treat.

2. Flowers

We are all familiar with the popularity of flowers as gifts for just about any occasion, especially during Valentine’s Day. Fresh cut flowers are a beautiful way to express feelings that words fail to convey. The delicate beauty of each bloom, the subtle hints of heavenly fragrance, the intricate design and eye-catching colors are eternal ways to enjoy the true meanings of romantic gifts. With so many different flowers to choose from, it can prove challenging to pick the RIGHT flower and color scheme. Here are some of the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers, and their meanings:


Roses are considered to be the traditional flower of love. Red roses are a classic choice for Valentine’s Day because as the myth goes, the red rose is Venus- The Goddess of Love’s favorite flower. The red rose symbolizes deep, long-lasting love. Different shades of pink and lavender are also popular choices of roses for Valentine’s Day. They convey admiration, sweetness, appreciation, perfect happiness, grace, love-at-first-sight, and enchantment. Roses in yellow and orange shades can also be given to mothers and grandmothers as valentine’s gifts. Overall, roses are an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day gifts for her.


Alstroemerias, otherwise known as Peruvian Lilies, are also highly revered for Valentine’s Day and are a nice switch off from the traditional rose. They come in an array of different beautiful colors and are considered to be the flowers of friendship. They symbolize wealth, prosperity and good fortune.


Snapdragons are long beautiful stalks with delicate vibrant bulbs that look elegant and magnificent. They add refinement and length to any bouquet as well as, signify graciousness and strength


Carnations are my personal favorites! They add so much volume and beauty to any arrangement, however, are gracious enough to stand alone. They come in an array of different colors, each one symbolizing something different. Red carnations mean love, pride, and admiration. Pink carns mean love of a woman, especially a mother’s love. Finally, white carns portray innocence and pure love. All together in one vase or as part of a rose bouquet, carnations are great valentine gift ideas.


Also known as “mums,” are so full of life! They come in several different varieties and colors. They stand for optimism, fidelity, joy, and long life. In red they demonstrate love, in white, truth and loyal love. Chrysanthemums are most commonly paired with other flowers in bouquets.


Lilies are so delicate yet so elegant and fragrant. They symbolize purity and refined beauty. In white, they represent modesty along with virginity, and in orange, they represent passion. While, the Lily of the Valley stands for sweetness and purity of heart.


Orchids take the favorite spotlight for both men and women. They make great home gifts as potted plants and add sophistication to any floral arrangement. The orchid fascination extends to the many breeders who have created over 20,000 varieties of this sophisticated beauty. Orchids represent exotic beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, as well as femininity.


Peonies are the loveliest most fragrantly amazing flowers on earth! They take center stage with presence and elegance. This impressive flower can grow to be 10 inches depending on the variety. The peony is commonly used in weddings. They symbolize a happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity.


Tulips stand long, tall and simple, yet sophisticated. They come in many varieties and vibrant colors, they farewell in the colder climates, as well as symbolize a true love declaration, fame, and perfect love.

3. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an amazing way to gift in abundance with stunning presentation. They are the cornerstone of giving a themed experience. For Valentine’s Day, a spa or chocolate-themed basket stand as great valentines day gifts, as well as gourmet gift baskets. Gift baskets are traditional gift choices while also proving to be excellent compliments to other gifts like flowers and chocolates. Gift baskets feel very thoughtful and can express just about any emotion of love with romantic color combinations.

4. Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are often given as a token of love. They represent a sense of care and security due to their soft and cuddly nature. Teddy bears are reminiscent of a good companion during childhood and are absolutely adorable! They are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to not just show love and affection, but also nurturing care, companionship, and appreciation. They represent the person who is giving it while giving a sense of, always being there.

We all want to express different kinds of love. Channel your inner Cupid this February 14th and release your romantic synergy. Let your feelings shine through with a meaningful expression of your love, by choosing a gift that will truly encompass your beautiful feelings. For some, the message might be deep passion, for others new love, or long lasting love. Whatever you decide to do for your lovebird, make sure to keep in mind this Valentine’s Day gift-guide and keep the centuries-old love tradition alive with the meaningful symbolism of this language we call “LOVE”.

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