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Flowers – This Is My Story…

My name is Laura Pena, and this is my humble story with pictures of where I grew up, and what my family looked like, as well as the meaning that flowers have brought to me..

I was born in a beautiful city, that sits on a mountain range in Colombia, called Medellin. Where the smells of fresh flowers, and the wild of the jungle, come together. I can remember my family laughing, and the cultural setting of Colombian celebrations, that brought families together. Today, I am proud to say, Colombia, specifically where I was born, grows some of the best known quality flowers of today, which we all receive throughout Miami when ordering from a local florist, who imports them fresh. We even get flowers that have literally come straight from the farm, right to your loving presence. This makes what we call “nature, encompassing the human’s desire to love, be loved, and demonstrate our love to each other”. Flowers that come from Colombia are exactly this, and flowers that come from all over the world! Flowers are a blessing, and having them join our lives, only brings the true nature of Beauty, Compassion, and Love…..

Read on and learn how I can claim this!

Below is a picture of me as a baby, and my older brother Daniel. We are at our farm in La Ceja, playing among my mother’s Rose Garden….. This is where my love for florals began….


After my birth, at Clínica El Rosario – Medellin, I was taken home to a beautiful farmhouse in La Ceja, a nearby small village on the out-skirts of Medellin, with a vast farming community…. This is where I would spend some of my best years growing up in the wild nature of the jungle mountains, along with the loving touch of delicate flowers, which grew all around us…

While growing up in nature, and learning the true presence of it’s energy, my spirit learned a rhythm of life that beats, not only to our own hearts, but to the universe around us. Flowers, and the natural greenery of life, bring us our abilities to live on Earth. Providing us with key nutrients – some of the main ones being oxygen, pollination. And of course, our ability to see love in a pure dimension, outside of our own reality……. Hence, why we give flowers to demonstrate – “Gifts of Life, and Love”.

Below is a picture of my mother Luz Elena, my brother Daniel, and myself Laura Pena. We are at our family’s farm in the mountains of Medellin, preparing to welcome the daily tasks of running the family farm….

Our farm produced grains and livestock, while our neighboring farms produced flowers, coffee and cacao. Growing up on the farm was really fun! I was able to help with milking the cows, harvesting the fruit, or my favorite, helping to pick the fresh flowers of the day! We designed our beautiful flowers for almost everything we did. From the dining room tables, to the outside of our house, as well as one of our countries most famous events, the festival of flowers, which is celebrated country-wide in Colombia. Medellin is known for supplying a major amount of flowers to all Colombians, as well as Americans. My experience with the importance of flowers, started from day one where I was born….

Below are pictures of my mother Luz Elena, brother Daniel, sister Kelly, and myself Laura as the youngest. We are posing in-front of our cows, whom we loved and adored!….

If I wasn’t found playing with the animals, I could most likely be spotted dancing in my mother’s rose garden, singing to them, as my grandmother taught me – “singing to the flowers helps them become beautiful”.

Below is a picture of my siblings and I singing to the Roses with our poodle named Pinina…. She loved the flowers just as much as we did!


Here is where my admiration for flowers became even stronger. My mother spent her spare time strolling my siblings and I through the gardens, and made flowers a major part of our childhood memories… She always believed flowers carried a symbolism of ancient roots, and that flowers could tell stories of our beginnings back when humans first walked amongst the wilderness, and mother nature took care of us – so we could grow strong. Many Colombian lullaby stories are inspired by the flowers, going as far back as Incan traditions, when they sang to their children of life’s beginning …..

Below is a picture of me wearing a traditional Colombian costume at my pre-school, holding a basket of flowers, freshly picked from my families farm.

A picture of downtown Medellin…


Every year we attended the famous world renown flower fair “Feria de Las Flores Medellin” . Where thousands of people come to see the most beautiful floral creations by local artisans, as they display their intricate artworks on elaborate sillets. I completely fell in love with the beauty and presentation of flowers… As I became older and moved to the U.S.A. my passion for spreading these natural beauties only grew stronger. Today I am a proud descendant of the traditional designs of Colombian flowers, as well as becoming a modern designer! I bring together the celebration of life, along with true heritage behind the meaning of floral design.

Below are pictures of the Festival of Flowers, and the many designs inspired by thousands of years in the making, with roots dating as far back as to the pre-Colombian ancestors of South America.



Naturally, my tendency was to go towards design as a career path. I was completely drawn in by the absolute beauty and delicacy of flowers. I carefully studied hundreds of floral species, so to increase my understanding of them. All the different colors, varieties, and designs, are truly intriguing. Being able to arrange, and pair these miracles of nature in certain patterns, to create living works of art, as an artist…….. is one of the most rewarding feeling on Earth!

Every flower has its own personality and fragrance, they help us convey even the most intimate messages. Fresh cut flowers provide an extension of beauty, along with an expression of Care, Love, Sincerity, Friendship, and Appreciation!

Flowers are an essential part of human life, and are used to enhance our special moments. From the most special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, special celebrations, and holidays, to a surprising, out of the blue, or just because moment. They are also powerful symbols of the life one has lived, as a sympathy offering for a funeral…….

This is why at Loveliest Gift Designs,  with a powerful background in the flower industry, as a Colombian in Miami, we translate this love and appreciation of nature’s beauty, with all of our flower arrangements. We provide our customers in Miami with high quality flowers, responsibly sourced with dedicated farmers that focus on growing only the most beautiful, and beloved floral jewels……


We are proud to be a top rated gift design company that offers a curated selection of floral arrangements, which provides our customers with the best possible florist experience. LGD customers enjoy free delivery in Miami for our flowers, as well as same day flower delivery all throughout Miami, for those last minute arrangements that cannot be missed!


For your convenience we offer, gift consulting with our designs, so to help convey that special message, in the best possible manner.

If you are looking to send flowers in Miami, feel free to browse through our online selection of flowers. We feature anything from classic and festive, to luxurious and refined designs. It’s never been easier to buy flowers online, but if you don’t see a design, that you feel, truly conveys your message, just fill out a custom order form and be sure to include any special notes you feel will make the arrangement even that more personal. We will be in contact with you promptly to help bring your vision into reality!

You can also call us directly at (786) 365-5651 or email me at

Below is a picture of me Laura Pena, Owner and Founder of Loveliest Gift Designs – Your Colombian Florist in Miami 🙂


Thank you for reading through my blog and sharing Loveliest Gift Designs passion with me! It has been an exciting journey to learn about flowers, and get involved with such an amazing industry. I am excited to continue sharing my creations with the world, and look forward to expanding our flower offerings, as well as designs, for all to enjoy! 🙂


Laura Pena

Loveliest Gift Designs

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