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Top 10 Tips for Displaying Cut Flowers in Your Home

Cut Flowers

Someone just gave you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and now you need to decide how to display it. Here’s how to display cut flowers in your home.

No matter how bare or basic a room is, nothing can bring life and character to it like a bunch of fresh flowers.

A beautiful arrangement of blooms has a way of bringing even the dullest spaces to life and at a fraction of the cost of expensive decor pieces.

This being said, there are a few important basics to have in your arsenal if you intend on keeping your flower arrangements alive and thriving.

For top tips on how to keep fresh cut flowers bright and beautiful throughout your home, this blog is your go-to.

Keep Your Fresh Cut Flowers Alive and Thriving

Not everyone has a natural ”green thumb” and the time for gardening and flower preening. This is why buying and arranging your own flowers is the next-best-thing.

But what use is it if your lively arrangements wilt and die on you in a matter of days? With these top tips, you should be able to avoid this.

1. Use the Right Vases

When fresh flowers are pulled from the ground they need a new place to live and that’s generally determined by you.

This is why sourcing the right type of vase for your arrangements is essential, as this could determine the rest of their lifespan.

It’s useful to have a variety of vase types on hand, including your classic shaped, square vases, cylindrically shaped vases, cube vases, and bud vases.

Having this variety on-hand will ensure you can choose the best type of vase for the type of flower you’re arranging.

The general rule-of-thumb is to always use tall vases for tall flowers and cube or bud vases for short or single-stem blooms.

2. Learn How to Display Your Flowers

A great way to brighten every room in your home is with a simple bunch of fresh flowers. But it’s important to know what type of arrangements would suit each room.

Different sized flower arrangements tend to look better in different environments. But what’s important to take into account is room size, colors and existing decor.

Keep in mind that the larger your room, the bigger your arrangement should be so that is doesn’t get lost amidst the space of the room.

On the other hand, the smaller the space, the simpler a flower arrangement should be. Going overboard with your display can completely overwhelm the room.

The one exception to this rule is the use of multiple small vases in a large room to create a mismatched, multi-dimensional display of flowers.

Determine what kind of style you prefer- a full and structured arrangement for a large room or mismatched and creative.

3. Keep Flowers Out of Direct Sunlight

Sure, flowers grow outdoors and are exposed to a number of different elements throughout their day-to-day life.

But when it comes to displaying cut flowers in your home, direct sunlight is a no-no. Hot, direct sunlight is not an ideal environment and can only work to wilt your flowers faster.

Make sure to display your flowers in a cool area, with indirect sunlight. Make sure to keep them away from radiators and large open windows too.

4. Avoid Overstuffing Your Vases

This is a highly common flower faux-pas that can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your beautiful arrangement.

Overstuffing your vase can damage the stems of your flowers and keep them from receiving the right amount of water to stay fresh.

Make sure to split up your arrangements into adequately sized vases so that each bloom has its own breathing space and ample water.

5. Keep Flowers Away from Fruit Bowls

This is yet another common flower arrangement hack that most people may not be aware of. But certain fruits tend to emit gases that can shorten the lifespan of your flowers.

If you plan on displaying flowers and fruit in your kitchen or dining area, remember to keep the two separate!

6. Keep an Eye on the Water

So this may be a no-brainer to keeping flower arrangements alive and thriving. But not many people know that flower water should actually be changed every day.

This is especially important for larger arrangements and keeping your flowers alive for longer.

The longer your flowers stand in the water, the greater amount of bacteria accumulates on the side of the vase, causing flowers to wilt.

Remember to remove wilted or dead flowers from your vase as these can contaminate the water and infect other flowers.

7. Go for Bold and Beautiful

When it comes to the actual display of your flowers, making a statement is easy when going for bold and beautiful blooms.

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to add vibrancy or color to a room, this is your way to go.

If you’re going to use color, then don’t hold back. Just make sure to add in a little green foliage between your blooms for the contrast.

Choosing contrasting colors to the rest of your room can also make a real statement.

8. Stick to What’s in Season

If you’re looking to stick within your budget, then using seasonal flowers is always a good option.

Additionally, seasonal flowers will tend to look fresher and will last longer because of the climate and what they’re accustomed to.

If you’re unsure of what blooms are in season or not, simply take a look around your neighborhood and notice what’s growing in abundance.

You can also inquire with the garden center or market stall staff who’d most likely be able to brief you on seasonal flowers.

9. Don’t Overlook Single Stems

All too often the focus is on huge, voluminous arrangements of flowers to decorate your home with. But make sure not to overlook the simple beauty of the single stem.

First of all, you can save a large amount on purchasing just single stems and arranging them in a variety of different shaped vases.

They are simple to arrange, it takes a minimal amount of time and they will most likely stay alive for longer.

If you’re looking to emulate a more country-chic look, arrange your single stems in mason jars, milk bottles or ceramic jugs.

10. Going Green is In

Making a floral statement in your home doesn’t always have to be with beautiful flowers. The trend now days is to decorate with lush greens to create a peaceful, fresh feel in your home.

Foliage and greenery, as well as palms and succulents, can be just as beautiful as any flower arrangement. They also help to add texture and dimension to your room.

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