Christmas is Coming: The Best Flowers to Give or Display During Christmastime

Christmas centerpieces

The Best Christmas Flowers to Give or Display

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to buy flowers. Read on to learn about the best Christmas flowers to give or display.

Winter may not be the biggest gardening season, but bringing holiday greenery indoors and adding a punch of color with Christmas flowers is a great way to decorate your home.

With careful choice, you’ll be able to create centerpieces that will dazzle your guests and put together bouquets to give to all of your best friends. Read on to learn about the most popular holiday plants and the best ways to work them into your holiday gifts and gatherings.


Roses come in a variety of colors and are great for any time of year. But around the holidays, it’s most popular to purchase red ones.

Of course, there also is the Chrismas rose, an English variety of rose that blooms in the winter in Central Europe.

It is associated with a legend from the birth of Christ when Madeon, a little shepherdess, who was tending to her sheep one night when she saw the three wise men walk past. She saw all the riches they were bringing for Jesus and began to weep at what little she had. When suddenly, an angel that saw her tears brushed away the snow around her revealing beautiful white and red Christmas roses.


Poinsettias have been a go-to Christmas staple for years. They’re known for their broad red leaves, but if you choose one that is flowering, you will also see small yellow flowers called cyathia at the center of the leaves.

When you choose a poinsettia, try to look for one that still has its flowers, this is a sign that it is in its prime and will be able to last the entire season.

Make sure you never leave your poinsettias outside if it is going to get down below freezing and that you water it sparingly, allowing it to drain in the sink so it doesn’t end up sitting in excess water.

At the end of the season, you can choose to keep your poinsettia through to the next year. Simply place it in a bright window where it can get plenty of sun, and on April 1, remove its colored leaves to prepare it for a new growth cycle.

Christmas Cacti

Christmas cacti are a great present to give because they can last for years if you take care of them properly. Make sure you place your Christmas cacti in full sun and only water it when its dry.

Depending on what cactus you choose, it will bloom sometime between Thanksgiving and Easter and can make a lovely centerpiece for the holidays.

To ensure your cactus blooms every year, make sure you bring it outside for three weeks during the early fall before temperatures dip into the forties. This will let the cactus know its time to bloom.


Rosemary is a popular plant for Christmas time since it can be shared with friends in a topiary form to look like a mini Christmas tree. Your friends will love its fresh piney scent.

They’ll also love cooking with the fantastic spice. It’s great in stews and roasts and makes a great garnish for pork and fish dishes.

To ensure your rosemary topiary stays in its best shape before it goes to its recipient, make sure you keep it on a windowsill. The more brightly lit the better. South or west-facing windows are best for this purpose.

You will know your rosemary is unhealthy if it starts to drop leaves. To ensure this Mediterranean plant doesn’t get too dry, make sure you check the soil every day to make sure it stays evenly moist.

At the end of the season, the rosemary can be moved outside and continue to grow naturally. Just make sure you wait until after the last frost.


Amaryllis are exotic looking flowers that make a great table centerpiece. Their bright white color will make a great accent to the darker greens and reds that are already in your color scheme.

If you’re someone who loves a traditional large flower, then amaryllis are the best for Christmas-time flower for your bouquets.

American Mistletoe

American mistletoe is the most festive plant of all. After all, kissing under the mistletoe is a popular tradition in the United States.

But mistletoe is actually an invasive species that grows in a parasitic manner along host trees. Once removed from the tree, it is most likely to grow back unless a one-foot section of the tree is removed around where the mistletoe grew, but a clipping can’t do any harm on its own.

Mistletoe clippings are great to give for a gift to newly married couples and a great way to ask that special someone for a kiss around the holidays.


Cyclamen are popular Chrismas flowers because of their bright red color and the fact that they tolerate the cold well, blooming in temperatures down to the forties.

To keep your flowers healthy as long as possible, place them in areas free from draft and pluck leaves as they die.


White ivy is an invasive species that many gardeners try to avoid. But it’s also one of the most beloved plants to use for Christmas decorations since it has a deep green color to it.

Left on its own, ivy climb horizontally and vertically making them an excellent decoration for guard rails and decorating high shelves.

Where to Order Christmas Flowers

Now that you know all the best Christmas flowers to use for decorating and gifts, you’re ready to start pulling together bouquet ideas for your friends and loved ones.

For the best quality flowers, contact us today.

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