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Where Do The Best Flowers Come From?


Ever wonder where flowers come from, how they are grown, or what flowers really are? How about the question – Where do the best flowers come from?


Well, the best flowers have long been a rival assumption by many countries who grow them. In this blog, we will take you across the dimensions of flowers throughout the world.


Below are the countries we have highlighted, and what they claim makes them famous, when it comes to having the world’s best flowers.


1) Holland Flowers

Flowers from Holland have long been a legend in the industry of flower farming, and of course, they are famous for their one-of-a-kind Tulips.

The culture involved with flower farming in Holland has now turned from a small hobby level to a global powerhouse of quality flowers.

Our world depends on them to supply our main industries for the everyday florists, who can now offer flowers from this country to meet the demands of the public awareness of fresh Tulips.

Tulips are very hard to grow and require a certain climate – off just a few degrees either hot or cold, can stunt the growth pattern of these world famous flowers.

Holland has perfected many ways of growing flowers, which we can all say thank you to them for, and of course, they claim – “Holland has the best flowers”

This is definitely a great possibility!

2) Colombian Flowers

How we all know and love the Colombian Flowers as well as the famous history this country holds with the “festival of flowers annual celebration”.

There are few who know that Colombia supplies almost 75% of the world with their everyday flower arrangements you see beautifully arranged in your local florist.

We can thank this country for their history, and cultural passion for their flower farms, Colombians have a lot of pride and feel they grow the most loved blooms in the world.

As most will argue, there are many contenders who hold the title for best flowers in the world, but Colombia definitely has the edge and may prove to be the real deal by having the freshest species of flowers in the world.

Founder Laura Pena of Loveliest Flowers & Gifts in Miami is originally from Colombia and inherited a lot of her wisdom with flowers from growing up on her family owned rose farm in the middle of the beautiful jungle.

Although there are many countries in the world who grow flowers and have amazing floral species, we believe Holland and Colombia to have the best flowers in the world.


From England, France, Ecuador, New Zealand, California, and more. There are many places who are growing flowers for all of us to enjoy, and so we thank them for this special lifestyle of floriculture

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