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I was born in Colombia and raised in the diverse culture of Miami, FL. My deep passion for art, design, and creativity has been fueled by the artistic soul of this Magic City. Miami is home to some of the most incredible tropical scenery, renowned museums, stunning art galleries, distinctive design districts like, the Miami Design District, as well as hosts major art conventions like Art Basel Miami. What better place to inspire a young artist like myself  with an atmosphere brimming with creative talent? My education in art/design is extensive, ranging back countless years to the point where it became part of who I am. My career began in Miami’s hospitality industry as a customer service representative. I was able to experience first-hand, how to cater to the needs of even the most demanding customers; with patience, conflict resolution, but most of all kindness. I worked for an array of different companies; from small boutique hotels to corporations like Marriott. I take pride in the knowledge and years of experience I acquired, which I can now translate into Loveliest Gift Designs to make our customers feel like they are our priority. After my tenure with Marriott, I became pregnant with my beautiful son Jace, who is my biggest inspiration. My husband and I decided it was best to start a business we could run that would give us more family time with our baby Jace. After careful consideration, along with the support of my husband, I decided to follow my artistic dreams and open up a Miami gift company, which we decided to call, Loveliest Gift Designs. This would become my artistic outlet which would allow me to use my hands to create, along with letting my mind fly with inspiration. I knew then, that it was my mission in life to share my gifts of creativity, love and kindness with the world


Loveliest Gift Designs was founded by Laura Pena in Miami, FL on the idea that gifts should be made with love and truly come from the heart. They should tell a story, inspire us to be thoughtful and be giving.

“Give and you shall receive” –Luke 6:38

This is our reminder that handmade gifts are such a personal way to express ourselves. They give the people who matter to us the sense, that not only do we care, but we cherish them dearly. Our focus is to create impeccable designs, using hand-select items, while catering to our customers’ special needs. We are social beings that want to love, be loved, appreciate one another together with reciprocating kindness. What better way to celebrate the affection we have for each other than with gifts? Our handcrafted curated gift designs are a perfect way to hone in on the moments that truly matter, while celebrating milestones which bring us together.


Our Philosophy is to create a gift that is not just a gift, but a masterpiece. Presentation is one of the most important aspects of the process. This is why we take the time to focus on minute details that bring our creations to life. We aim to invigorate the senses while following basic elements of design. Visually and aesthetically awe inspiring, stimulating textures, fragrant smells, and delectable flavors for exquisite tongues, make our designs distinct. Staying current with changing trends, allows us to always incorporate innovative elements in our designs. We offer keepsake containers that are durable therefore, can be reused and repurposed as home décor or storage units. The contents of our designs are always chosen in synchrony with the occasion and the recipients preferences to embody the emotion that needs to be conveyed, while telling a story. The items are gracefully arranged in a charming manner and enhanced with dainty hand crafted decoration to make the items POP. The final product is the loveliest gift you’ve ever seen.

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